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Saving the environment

August 14, 2011

    Environment issues become major problem in our country.So we decided to start a society to save the environment.That is why we are here today like this.
The environment is the surrounding around us.It is a git of nature.Water,ari,trees,animals and land are the parts of the environment.
Today environment pollution has become a major problem.Peopie pollute water by mixing poisonous chemicals and waste materials.Air is polluted by large factories.Land is polluted by collecting garbage.People cut down trees in a careless manner.Some people kill animals too.they never think of bad effect of it.We get the mpst needed rain because of the tress.Trees help not only to the man but also to animals.Birds build their nests on trees.
We should not put garbage here and there.We should collect the garbage and burn.If we want to lead a healthy life,we should keep our environment clen.We should grow more and more trees.We should keep our gardens clean.Let’s protect our environment which protects us freely.


Ananda Samarakoon.

August 4, 2011

           Ananda Samarakoon was a well know musician.Hestudies music and painting in the Shanthiniketana in India.He was very much influence by the poems and music of Country.Sinhala language.He colleted the flok song s of Sri lanka.He has also written immortal lyrics that are popular from generaction togenaretion.He is well known as the composition of the National  anthem of Sri Lanka.


August 4, 2011


           T.B.Jaya was born in Galagedara on 1st january 1890.After his primary education on his family moved to colombo and he was admitted to St.thomas clloege,Mt.lavia for his secondary Education.After passing the london Matriculation Examination he become a teacher.While begin a teacher,he passed the London B.A Exmination.
              T.B.Jaya began his teaching career at Dharmaraja college,Kandy.Next he taught at prince of Wales clloege,Morotuwa and later at Ananda clloege,Colombo.He was one of the founder membersof Zahira clloege,Colombo.As a result of the requests of Muslim leaders he assumed duties as the principal of Zahira clloege,Colombo.There were only six teachers at the time.Through his divotion,dedication and selfless service,he was able to bring up Zahira college,to the level of other leading schools in the country.Many philantropists helped him with the funds neccessary,to develop the school in every aspect.
              During the second world war,T.B.Jaya established branches of Zahira college in GAmpola,Matale,Aluthgama and puttlam.After the war these schools.through his visin and efforts he served his community by opening new avenues for education.
              IN 1924 T.B.Jaya was appointed to the legislative council to reptesent the minrity communities.


August 4, 2010

   Sri Lanka has been famouse for gemstones from the earliest times. It is an important export trade today. Many areas in the Sabaragamuwa province are well known for gems. Ratnapura means the City of Gems. It has gem museums displaying the wide range of gems, availabloe in the country.

   The Blue Sapphire is the king of Sri Lanka gems. The  400  carat blue sapphire called the Blue Bell which adorns the British crown is from Sri Lanka. Rubies, cats eyes, alexandrites, aquamarines, tourmalines,spinals, topazes, garnets and amethysts are  some of the precious stones found in Sri Lanka.

My home.

July 23, 2010

       My home is in Hakmana, it has two floors. My home has six rooms and a beautiful garden. It is surrounded by many trees and flowers. I live with my uncle and aunty.

My Villege

July 23, 2010

            My villege is  Kandagoda. It is a beautiful villege. Rocks, Water falls and other beauty full places in my villege. My villege temple is sutuated in very nice place and this situated in big and tall rock. I love my villege so much,


June 23, 2010

      My country is Sri Lanka. It is a beauty country. my country Precident is Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksha.He is a good

Precident.He live in Hambanthota. rivers, water

falls in my country.