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Saving the environment

August 14, 2011

    Environment issues become major problem in our country.So we decided to start a society to save the environment.That is why we are here today like this.
The environment is the surrounding around us.It is a git of nature.Water,ari,trees,animals and land are the parts of the environment.
Today environment pollution has become a major problem.Peopie pollute water by mixing poisonous chemicals and waste materials.Air is polluted by large factories.Land is polluted by collecting garbage.People cut down trees in a careless manner.Some people kill animals too.they never think of bad effect of it.We get the mpst needed rain because of the tress.Trees help not only to the man but also to animals.Birds build their nests on trees.
We should not put garbage here and there.We should collect the garbage and burn.If we want to lead a healthy life,we should keep our environment clen.We should grow more and more trees.We should keep our gardens clean.Let’s protect our environment which protects us freely.

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