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An Environmentalist

June 4, 2010

   Athur V  Dias , the well known Enviromentalist, was born into a wealthy  family   in Panadura. He started a tree planting campaign espacially to promote jak. He dristributed jak seeds througtout the country by mail and encouraged people to grow jak trees. He was given free postage facilities for this purpose as a token of appreciation of his service to the nation. Arthur V Dias was affectionately know as  “Kos Mama”


A flower speaks Nil Manel

May 21, 2010

     I am the national flower is Srilanka. Iam amoug the most beautiful in the world. I was born in mud. I wan’t plenty of waterand  mud to grow. I am the aquatic plant. I bloom in the morning.  I have a sweet fragrance. people like to take me to the lord Buddha . I am also used to decorate ‘poruwa’  and other decorations. My leaves are green and round in shape. I think  i  am  the most beautiful and the luckiest flower in Sri lanka.


April 30, 2010

     Flowers have been important to man since ancient times. People love to grow flowering plants in their home garden. Botanical gardeb like Peradeniya and Haggala have a wide varietyn of flowers. Natural forests like Sinharaja are also abundand in beautiful flowers.

Gerard Manley Hopkins

April 30, 2010

   Gerard Monley Hopkins was an  English poet,a Roman catholic and a priest. He was educated at Highgate school then at Ballion college,Oxford. He was a scnsitive studen and a poet. He wrote music sketches for church occasicns. In this oem “Binsey Poplars” the poet talks about the lost beauty of a forest. 

My home garden

February 13, 2010

Our hime garden is a very beautiful.It is situated on a hiiand. the morning is very nice at that place. there are many trees, bushees,creepers and fiowering plant. Many birds and butterflies come to my garden. Ihave stup a bird – bath  and aq place to keep food for the   birds. In the morning.

Pitcher plant

January 23, 2010

Pitcher plant grows in shallow areas where soil is poor in nitrogen. This plant by themselves to from a pitchn shoped vessal with a lid. It attracts insects by its pitcher shaped leaves in which rainwater can accumulate. Inside the wall of the pitcher there are hairs which are directed downwards so that when an insect goes into the pitcher it would struggle to come  out, it has no escape. The hairs keep it entangled and the insects would die exhausted. ultimately, the insect is digested and a bosor bed by the plant. This is hoe the plant catches insects.


January 11, 2010

Kataragama is a very oopular pilgrimage site in srilanka. people of all walks of life throng to Kataragama to pay homage to Kataragama. The fes thousand of pilgribsto witness the ristival in august draws thousands of  pilgrims to witness the rittual performance of the devotees. some dance with skewers  thrust through their tongues and cheeks. Others tow heavy carts or suspend weights from hooks piercing their skin. The grand finale is the fire walking ceremony. The devotees walk barefoot on bavotees walk barefoot on beds of red hot embers.